cwiClean Water Indiana Grants

The Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Program is a grant aimed at providing financial assistance to landowners to support the implementation and adoption of conservation practices in order reduce nonpoint sources of water pollution throughout Indiana. These sources of pollution include fertilizers, sediment, herbicides/pesticides, and bacteria.  This grant is awarded to individual Soil and Water Conservation Districts, so that they can distribute the funds within individual counties or regions to help make a difference in the water quality at the local level which will then lead to improved water quality throughout the state and the country.

This CWI grant was received in conjunction between the Clay County and Sullivan County Soil and Water Conservation Districts. It will provide cost-share on the adoption and implementation of conservation practices. The conservation practices available through the program with their appropriated financial assistance are shown below.

Conservation Practices

  • Cover Crops
    • First Time Applicant- 150 acre limit $20/acre
    • All others- 100 acre limit $20/acre
  • Pollinator Habitat
    • 75% cost-share up to 1 acre (includes labor and seeding)
  • Pasture Seeding
    • 20/acre limit @ $38/acre
  • Critical Area Seeding (site specific)
    • 75% cost share up to 1 acre (includes labor and materials)
  • Heavy Use Protection Areas (livestock feeding/watering)
    • 75% of designed cost

The application is available at the link below to be filled out and returned to the Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District. For more information on CWI grants or the application process please contact the Clay County Soil and Water Conservation District.

Clay County SWCD CWI Cost Share Application