Useful Links

The links below are useful resources for conservation, mapping, and answering questions to your natural resource conservation questions.

Purdue Extension, Clay County –

This link will provide you information on local Purdue Extension activities and events. Purdue extension is a valuable resource for information on health, wellness, agriculture, conservation, 4-H involvement, as well as many other topics. Keep up with their monthly connector newsletter to see what programs and activities are coming up in the near future.

Indiana Geological Survey –

Please use this link for a detailed and systematic study of the topography, geology and mineral resources of Clay County and/or other Indiana Counties.

Indiana Map-

This link is a great tool for looking at and manipulating maps of Indiana with the addition of many useful layers that can show things such as soils, topography, imagery, local government boundaries, and many more things.

Clay County GIS-

This link is a living plat map of all land in Clay County.

Indiana State Agency Website-

This link provides a way to access information in regards to all state agencies including the DNR, IDEM, ISDA and others.

Natural Resource Conservation Service –

This link provides access to information regarding NRCS programs and standards.

River and Stream Stages –

This link provides the current river and stream water levels throughout the state of Indiana.

Web Soil Survey –

This website allows for an in depth investigation into the soils for any given area of interest. It can show you soil maps, percentages, and descriptions of each individual soil type.

Western Lake Erie Basin Story Map –

This map illustrates what the state, SWCDs, Feds, local conservation groups and other partners are doing to help improve Indiana’s waterways in Northeastern Indiana. Projects like these are being completed all over the state including in our area. Many farmers and landowners take part in local Clean Water Act 319 grants, the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP), the Clean Water Indiana Grant (CWI), Conservation Reserve Program (CRP), and Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). If you are interested in doing conservation work on your land, all of these programs are currently available through the Clay County SWCD.

Backyard Environmental Education: Why Environmental Education is Important –

Environmental education is the process of learning about ones environment and the human activities that can cause it harm. As one learns more about the collective human impact upon the environment, the more individuals can learn about what they can do to help lessen their impact and even begin to restore ecological degradation.